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Why Get a Metal Roof in Tacoma

When the time is right to replace the roof on your Tacoma home, one of the biggest questions is deciding what roof type is best for you.  One way to decide if you are a good candidate for a new metal roof or a combination roof of metal with another material is by answering these simple questions.  How long do you want the roof to last before a repair or replacement will be needed?  Are there Northwest pine or fir trees creating a shadow over your roof, making it more susceptible to mold?  Are you concerned about home value for when you plan to sell?  Most importantly, how much does a metal roof cost and is it in my budget?

If these are questions you are considering when getting a new roof, here are some reasons why a metal roof in the Tacoma area might be right for you! The Strongest, Longest Lasting Roof in Tacoma

Metal roofs are most often the strongest and longest lasting roofs on the market!  They are significantly less likely to sustain damage from high winds, Northwest storms, and hail than tile or shingle roofs. With the appropriate metal roof product installed by expert roofers, you can enjoy a maintenance free roof years longer than other homes with tile or shingle on their roof.  A new metal roof in Tacoma is sturdy enough to be a onetime investment.

Beautiful Colors and Textures for Investment Value

Metal roofing comes in a wide array of colors and textures.  With a variety of metal roof textures, you may choose a wooden shingle or high end tile look.  The many choices available will provide you exactly what you are looking for.  Adding metal roofing, because of the durability, low maintenance and beauty, even in accent areas such as porches or windows, will immediately increase the value of your home.

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No More Roof Cleaning

In Tacoma, we live in an ideal place for explosive moss growth due to humidity coupled with shade from our beautiful pine and fir trees.  We are one of the few states where manufacturers created special algae resistant shingles called AR Shingles which help withstand moss growth.  Metal roofs are not porous, and with proper installation should inhibit moss growth.

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